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About Us

Asemafor Ltda., has a strong multidisciplinary team, to provide comprehensive solutions to your needs.

Álvaro González Guerrero

Forest Engineer from the University of Chile with a Master of Business Administration from the Faculty of Commerce and Economics and a Diploma in Business Management and Evaluation from the same university.

He has held various positions, most notably as Project Leader in the Department of the Wood Industry of the organization Fundación Chile as well as Forest Product Market Analyst of the same institution. Álvaro has also worked as a Consultant in the Technical Cooperation Service of the Chilean government, Assistant of Operations of Arauco's Wood Centre and has participated in a number of research projects at the University of Chile and GTZ.

Álvaro is currently the owner and CEO of Asemafor Ltd. and his specialties focus on Strategic, Commercial and Administrative Management, leadership and coaching within and outside the company, project management and economic and financial studies.

Contact: agonzalez@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Owner and CEO


Marcela Palma Romero

Landscape ecologist from the University Central, with a Diploma in Environmental Management from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Chile. She has served as the head of San Sebastián Gardens, as project leader in the design and construction of green spaces and San Enrique Gardens.

In parallel form, Marcela has taken part in various Environmental Impact Declarations and Assessments and has led various afforestation projects. Currently, she serves as an advisor to our company particularly in the design and construction of outdoor environments and environmental consulting.

Contact: mpalma@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Landscaping Advisor


Fernando Azúa Canales

Forester from the University of Chile, with specialization in Silviculture. His education included various specialized courses related to urban green spaces, such as Urban Forest Management and Silviculture and Urban Afforestation. He has worked as a teaching assistant in various courses such as: Forest Plantation Silviculture, Native Forest Silviculture, Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Phytosanitary Control.

His expertise is focused on forest management and phytosanitary control, especially in the urban forest environments, where he gave his first steps as a professional executing a phytosanitary reconnaisance project in the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, incorporating the photointerpretation of satellite photos to detect pest infestations.

Fernando subsequently participated in several research projects related to the development of non-timber forest products from species of the Mediterranean Forest of Chile. To continue his professional development in this line, Fernando has recently taken the Mediterranean Forest Management course taught in the Faculty of Forest Science and Conservation at the University of Chile.

He currently serves as head of the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Green Spaces business line of Asemafor, in addition to providing Forestry and Environmental Services.

Contact: fazua@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Supervisor of Green Spaces and Project Manager of Environmental and Forestry Consulting and Services.


Dominic Jara Lizama

Agronomist from the University of Chile, with specialization in agroindustry and the development of functional foods. She currently supports the implementation and coordination of activities related to Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) projects and is in charge of the Rincón Natural (Natural Corner) store, which provides functional, organic and gourmet products.

Dominic is a professional who plays a key role during the articulation, development and implementation of R+D+i projects. Competent, proactive and responsible.

Contact: dlizama@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Head of R+D+i and the Rincón Natural store: Functional and Organic Food.


Vojtech Prilesky

Canadian Forester from the University of British Columbia with complementary formation in the University of Chile. He has lived in Chile for two years. Specialist in forest management and ecosystem functions.

Vojtech's professional experience includes forest and ecosystem planification and protection in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. In Chile, he leads reforestation projects and provides environmental consulting and services. He assists the activities of Álvaro González and Fernando Azúa.

Contact: vprilesky@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Assistant in Environmental and Forestry Consulting and Services and Green Spaces.


Pamela Alcántara Calderón

Computer Programming Technician, with additional Customer Service courses from Inacap. Pamela has over thirteen years of experience in administrative assistance in areas as diverse as automotive, mass-consumption food products and service sectors.

In our company she carries out a number of different tasks such as accounting, supporting comercial management and administration, as well as control of the Rincón Natural business line. She also plays an important role in supporting the company's R+D+i projects.

Contact: palcantara@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Comercial and Administrative Assistant and Accountant


Sylvia Guerrero San Martín

Technician in Business Administration. A large part of her professional development was in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, where she collaborated on a number of projects with the Director of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics up until 1979.

From 1984 to 2004 Sylvia has held several positions such as Assistant to the Head of the Department of Risk Management for Small and Medium Enterprises in the bank Banco Estado. She currently assists in a number of different areas in Asemafor Ltd.

Contact: sguerrero@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Finance


Karen Contreras Ortega

Professional in charge of sales and logistics of the Rincón Natural store. She has a vast experience in sales in variety of areas.

Contact: kcontreras@asemafor.cl
Position in company: Head of sales of Rincón Natural.

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