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Products & Natural Food Corner

Rincón Natural (Natural Corner)
Asemafor Ltd., seeks to promote quality, health and wellness through the marketing of a wide range of food products, among thems: organic and gourmet foods as well as those with functional characteristics, through its store Rincón Natural.

Rincón Natural, in order to meet its objective of meeting the current needs of its consumers, allows them to enrich of their diets with quality and specialized products, in addition to a continuous flow of information about new products and market trends.

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

Our company seeks to develop products derived from forest environments other than wood, often products that have been traditionally used for subsistence by rural communities. Many of the food products that can be extracted from the forests are healthy, nutritious and provide various benefits for human health. The following identifies the main NTFPs:

Wild Foods

These products include edible wild foods that can be consumed directly or with simple processing. While most of them are fruits and seeds, this group also includes mushrooms, roots and other wild plants. Among the food products that our company is developing are:

Edible Wild Mushrooms
Fungi are a renewable natural resource, cheap to produce but also delicate to handle and therefore need careful management during cultivation in the forest and post-harvest period. The processing methods vary with the type of fungus involved. For most common wild mushrooms processing can be either dehydration, brining or freezing.

  • Dehydrated
  • Frozen and brine


Basketry Materials

Native species have been traditionally used as raw material for handicrafts and, especially, to make baskets. The most common species are the colihue (Chusquea coleou) and other native species of bamboo that have traditionally been used extensively in the manufacture of furniture in the rural areas of southern Chile.

Ornamental Items
The flora of Chilean forests has enormous potential as ornamental species, with species that have a variety of form, size, color and brightness which can make them very suitable for decorative use. In the national and international markets there exist a number of striking species (Flowers, plants, Decorative branches and seeds) that are highly prized.


Medicinal Plants

Medicinal products include a wide variety of herbaceous and woody species traditionally used in the treatment of diseases by the rural population. In Chile there are 561 vascular plant species that have been documented as having traditional medicinal use.

Many of these plants are sold in bulk or in packages of various sizes in formal and informal markets, frequently appearing species like pichi (Fabiana imbrincata), quintral (Trixteris corymbosus), sage (Satureja multiflora), pingo-pingo (Ephedra chilensis), natres (Solanum ligustrinum), palqui (Cestrum parqui), culén (Otholobium glandulosum), boldo (Peumus boldus) among others.


Extracts for Industrial Use

Some of the applications that have been discovered for species of the native forest includes: cosmetics, pharmaceutics, textile dyes and food additives.

The Chilean flora is rich in aromatic species of interest for the production of extracts for cosmetic use.

Of these, Quillay (Quillaja saponaria), Chilean hazelnut (Gevuina avellana) and rosehip (Rosa rubiginosa) are wild species that produce chemical extracts of commercial interest that have a significant export volume.


Agroforestry products

Within this area, Asemafor Ltd.. seeks to develop innovative products that help improve the rural economy and quality of life in rural areas. The current product lines are being developed:


Free Range Eggs

The concept of this product line is to allow the chickens access to pastures where they can feed and develop in natural way.

This system is completely different from the intensive agroindustrial system used by the poultry industry, where chickens grow with serious space constraints and during a severely limited period of time. Encourage and promote the marketing of eggs Free Range becomes a major opportunity and challenge for small farmers, and that traditionally have the basic knowledge to develop this type of poultry production. Additionally, to exist a significant demand for these products in the domestic market.


Fine Herbs

Our company through special orders offers various dried herbs. The products are packed in transparent polyethylene bags sealed 8, 10, 15 and 20 gr.

The most common used are mint and peppermint.
It has healing qualities.
It is used in oils, Kitchen, drinks and open bar.

Properties to cure rheumatism and bronchial problems.
Noted for its intense and pleasant aroma, used in cooking and perfumery.

It has diuretic and analgesic qualities
Delivery hair shine and fights his fall

Very popular for flavoring vinegars and salad.
It has antispasmodic and stimulant properties.

Widely used in Italian cuisine, can be used as a substitute for bay.
Fresh sage is good for the gums and oral hygiene, relieving a sore throat when mixed with tea.

One of the most used spices in all kinds of food.
It delivers the best taste of Italian cuisine, exquisito aroma y gusto.

Herb with small leaves and a bright green similar to oregano, but soft aroma.
Its flavor is similar to thyme, but more sweet and aromatic.
It is a tasty condiment. Leaves are used fresh or dried,chopped or crushed or powdered.

Similar to fennel, but leaves vary, smell and quality.
One of the finest and delicious seasonings for good food.

Fresh and Frozen Strawberries

Our company through special orders provides fresh fruit, selected healthy and at optimal maturity. The process of harvesting is done in trays of clean and sanitized 5 a 6 Kg.

  •  Fresh Strawberries
  • Frozen strawberries



Currently Asemafor Ltd.. Amaranth sells a product that is excellent nutritional, mainly because it has a high protein content, but its importance lies not only in quantity but in quality of protein, because it has an excellent balance of amino acids. Where its composition, Amaranth protein resembles that of milk. Addition, has a significant content of lysine, an amino acid considered essential for human.

the Sale Products:

  • Dilated grain or Trapping (Cereal)
  • Toasted Flour

The products are sold in bags 100 – 200 – 500 g 1 kg.
the Fono-Purchase: 283 4057 –


Cultivated mushrooms

The fungi grown in Chile are almost exclusively mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) but lately has been introduced the cultivation of Shii take (Lentinus edodes) and oyster mushroom (Pleorotus ostreatus).

Lentinus edodes (Shiitake)
Commonly called Shii take, is one of the more traditional Japanese mushrooms, Korea and China. “take” means fungus and “shii” is the type of tree on which is found naturally in China and Japan. This fungus grows naturally in trees dead or dying trees, Shii tree particularly dominated by the Japanese.

Pleorotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom)
Known as oyster mushroom, grow on stumps and dead, develops into fleets of several hundred individuals on the same stock. The hat color varies from white to gray – old black and takes a light ocher. It is edible and the meat is tasty, fragrant white.


Plant-Based Charcoal

Hawthorn charcoal comes from the native species Acacia caven, belonging to the family Mimosaceae (FAO, 1997). This species comes from the arid and semiarid regions of South America.
In Chile, extends from the region III to VIII, covering an area of approximately 3,8 million hectares.

Hawthorn is characterized as a species that can be used for different purposes, highlighting mainly be used as a kind wood energy, for charcoal of Excellent Quality.
“According to FAO, Hawthorn charcoal corresponds to solid waste, obtained, the effect of the process of charring wood, which is done by controlling the entry of air into a confined space, such as the oven, which can be ground, brick, reinforced concrete or metal. The control is executed during the pyrolysis process, in order that the wood does not burn.”

The benefits of our charcoal lies in:

  • Higher calorific value per unit weight
  • More energy efficiency in their implementation
  • Long-term heat
  • High performance

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